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@s3 please leave @souping group. Your post does not reflect on any aspect of the body positive intentions of the group.

whats going wrong? I cannot remove this post by s3 of my very own group nor can I remove the user s3 from the list of groupmembers – because it does not appear in the list. Also the soups group settings originally was set on „moderate“ which now was changed.
Please help. :-)

Also: thanks you are back!
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A man has created a lipstick to glue vagina lips together so period blood can't escape

Comment: Interesting when I think about the free bleeding movement, where you train your cervix or vagina to keep the blood from dripping. But regarding the wording in the advertisment it's more likely that the taboo around menstrual blood is perpetuated. Not to talk about the used chemicals – are there already studies on that stuff and how it effects your vaginal fluids and health? We are still stuck on unhealthy ingredences in pads and tampons …

To get in touch with my red flow was a healthy and healing epxerience – for my body and womenliness.
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service post: it's for longer life circle of the pants – women have this natural acid in their liquids for protecting the vulvina from intruders like bacteria or sperm. But this acid also destroys the fabric.

Fun fact: I don't know any woman that can confirm to be that flap on the right spot for doing it's job. So drug hideout is the best use I ever heard of.
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