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His great wall of vagina was genius, but this is a bit like … „uh, no new idea, let's do it again with tits and penises. And a bit more spicy title!“
Also: sexualising female breast over and over again. I'll never get to go without shirt in summer in my livetime. :/

Und dann erzählt er in Bildern und Sprechblasen, was er erlebt hat, als er auf einer reinen Jungenschule war. "Wir wussten nichts", sagt er über die Ideen, die er und seine Freunde als Teenager hatten, Vorstellungen von Männlichkeit. "Also schnappten wir uns das erstbeste, das vorbei kam und benahmen uns, als hätten wir alles längst kapiert."

Diese Männlichkeit beinhaltete Wettkampf, Ellenbogenmentalität und die Regel 'verspotte oder du wirst verspottet'. Und Frauen? Die gab es zuerst nicht und dann, als der Sex eine Rolle zu spielen begann, ging es wieder nur um Sieg, Wettkampf, Ego.
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Keep your wallet closed

Starting point for the photo project were the thousands of euphemisms for menstruation that exist all over the world. ‘The ultimate proof that menstruation is a taboo subject. You won’t find that many synonyms for the word ‘chair’.’

Her personal favourites?  ‘Blowjob season – although I don’t see why you can’t have sex on your period – my pussy cat has a nose bleed, too much sauce on the fish taco and your vagina is emo.

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Got some boudoir photos done for my bf, after years of struggling with it, I’ve come to realize I have SUCH a cute tummy 😚

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love this! Comment is stupid :p

Sorry StoicMike, but no. This is some imprudent bullshit from the regulars' table after eleven pm.

Men who bleed every month are still men.


Don’t be hard on yourself this week.

If it’s your shark week, wear it with pride.

This does not change your gender, your identity, your masculinity, or your validity.

Keep your head up and do something for you this week to make yourself feel affirmed and valuable.

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Who is Erika Lust?
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every single time.


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it must be very nice to have the internet as a young teenager nowadays, to find anonymous help about these kinds of matters and not feel completely lost with your sudden questions ...
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Disclaimer: glass splinters and condoms might not be that happy combination …
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