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1960: In the future, we'll be able to take a flying car to the moon

2018: We used the data from our porn site to prove everyone in Hawaii relief-masturbated after someone accidentally texted them that they were all about to killed by a missile

(edited: originally it said, it was stress masturbation, which is a false interpretation of the data)

… uff :(
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[hard to believe]
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what it also says:  the female body has a firewall that only allows 1 single packe to be delivered – working in all cases of attack.
Ok, maybe we should start to explain contraception to guys via data transfer analogies?
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That one killed me ><
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German sexting …
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meet me when I'm awaiting my menstruation
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A form study, photographed by Me on Fuji 100c.

I’m sorry but this is fucking beautiful, goddamn

Still like my favorite picture on the Internet

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