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Pick up line fail
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Some girls in Uganda, for example, miss roughly 11% of their academic year because of their periods, according to a report on menstrual management. 
Three Feminist Geniuses Just Invented a Pair of Panties That Could Change the World
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Twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar designed the self-absorbing THINX underwear, which eliminates the need for tampons or pads.
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Buddha cat
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Mad Max’s Furiosa in a Tampons commercial


I love the fact, menstruation stuff is represented in a more casual way. But remember: there are other, even healthier and cheaper possibilities to deal with your period than disposables.
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To offer a 100% fair & sustainable condom from the start would simply be a greenwashing lie. Our Mission will take months and maybe years, but we are up for the challenge and will take you on our journey!

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Someone get this guy a fucking medal.


They made birth control for men. However it never got past the clinical testing stage because its side effects were things like “moodiness, extreme cramping, hunger, increased sexual drive” and were considered INHUMANE.


what the fuck do they think women go through every goddamn month seriously




men are pussies


Men are not pussies because they can’t handle having one


men are penises


the post was amazing and the comments made it better.


Oh, it’s even worse than that.

Hormonal birth control for men has been a solved problem since the 1970s, and the current iterations of the technology are actually substantially superior to equivalent treatments for women, demonstrating higher effectiveness, less dangerous side effects, and lower prevalence of side effects in virtually all modern trials. At this point, some forty years on, such treatments continue to be refused certification on the ostensible basis of concerns over the purely hypothetical effects of long-term use.

Meanwhile, a hormonal birth control treatment for women whose known and documented side effects include “sudden death” can go from the laboratory to the pharmacy shelf in under five years.

Really shows you where our priorities lie, doesn’t it?

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Happy Masturbation Month everyone!

‘National Masturbation Month’ (now considered International) was coined by the company Good Vibrations after U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders (first black person and second woman to hold the title) was relieved of her position by President Clinton in 1994.

Why? For suggesting young people should be educated on masturbation. [x]

This was the last straw after Elders controversial views on instating sex education and legalising marijuana had previously been disapproved of. But after losing her position, Elders went on to talk more about sex education and its importance, particularly in relation to reducing teenage pregnancy.

Go forth and enjoy yourself, but remember to also talk about topics considered taboo such as masturbation and sexuality. Let’s continue to push for openness and education on these topics, as Elders and many others have done before us.

Now that’s some sex-ed history!

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My every night struggle...
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(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

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